Chauffeur Driven Tours

Chauffeur Driven Tours

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Chauffeur Driven Tours – Shopping, museums, galleries, famous sights, sounds, tastes and smells; make London your oyster without the need to brave public transport! Season Chauffeur Hire can show you the city in style, working around your interests and at a time that suits you.

Visiting London for the first time?

Season Chauffeur Hire can help arrange the Chauffeur Driven Tours that will suit you, with bespoke city tours in the luxury vehicle of your choice.

Chauffeur Driven Service

Chauffeur Driven City Tours Everyone has their own interests, and sometimes it’s nice to take you on the tourist trail in your own way. Season Chauffeur Hire can arrange a private tour guide to join you in one of our luxury vehicles, so you can get to know the parts of London and its history that most appeal to you. Pick your own pace and your plan your own itinerary; there is no better way to take in the sights.

Feeling adventurous? Why not make a longer booking and take a tour around the UK? With an experienced guide and the comfort of one of our executive vehicles, we guarantee that it will be a holiday that you will never forget.

Multi-lingual drivers are available upon request.

Chauffeur Driven Tours

An international tourist hub, there’s plenty to see and do in Central London itself. The city is renowned not only for its shopping but for being one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in the world. Our drivers will accompany you wherever you wish to go, helping you to enjoy London in comfort, at your own pace. Why not try one of our Chauffeur Driven Tours from the ones listed below.

Some of Londons most popular landmarks and visitor attractions:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • St Pauls Cathedral
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Houses of Parliament
  • The London Eye
  • Tate Modern
  • Natural History Museum
  • The Shard
  • Tower of London
  • Covent Garden
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • National Gallery
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Changing of the Guard
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Churchill War and Cabinet Rooms
  • Tour of East Londons Jewish History
  • Shakespeares Globe
  • Or fancy a Chauffeur Driven City Tours for shopping to
  • Harrods
  • Oxford Street
  • Old Spitalfields Market
  • Bicester Village
  • Selfridges
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Bespoke Shopping Trips can be arranged
  • Windsor Castle

Season Chauffeur Driven Tours – Theme Tours

The Beatles

Liverpool will always lay claim to the Fab Four, but London also played its part in the life of The Beatles. On this marvellous magical mystery tour, you will be joined by an experienced and knowledgeable guide, who will escort you around the famous London locations related to the Beatles. From the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing to the Apple Studios in Saville Row where the band infamously held their final performance, with facts, trivia and history along the way, this is the ultimate London tour for any Beatles fan.

Harry Potter

There have been few phenomena to rival the Harry Potter franchise in recent years, with the books and films grossing millions of pounds worldwide and garnering lifelong fans. If you are potty about Potter, this tour is not to be missed. Begin by visiting the home of the Hogwarts Express; Platform 9 ¾, then follow the route of the Knight Bus through London’s busy streets in your chauffeur-driven car, before meandering through the market that led to the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley in the film of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

If London leaves you wanting more, Season Chauffeur Hire can take you on to Oxford, where much more Harry Potter sights can be found. Imagine yourself a frightened first year, being greeted by Professor McGonagall on the grand staircase of Hogwarts, then being ushered into the wondrous Dining Hall to meet your fate with the Sorting Hat; imagine Draco Malfoy being transfigured into a ferret; imagine a trip to the infirmary to visit a petrified Hermione, or to have your skeleton regrow. A visit to Oxford University will take you there; you just need to know where to look: help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask!

Murder and the Ghost

From Jack the Ripper to the haunted plague pits, if you have a taste for the macabre, this could be the tour for you. Murder, crime and disease play their part in every city’s history, but London is in a league of its own. Drive into a history of death and debauchery, rendered in entertaining and eye-watering detail by your Insider guide. Learning tales of grizzly murder sprees, lucky ghosts and the bodies which still remain beneath Londons streets. Careful where you step; some say that the dead still walks among us!

Shrek Adventure

Meet your favourite DreamWorks characters at one of Londons newest attractions. Delivering fun for all the family, this unique walk and ride experience will take you deep into the kingdom of Far Far Away. Where you can enjoy your very own madcap Shrek adventure. With DreamWorks amazing animation, captivating story-telling and a good dose of Donkeys cheekiness, this is a day trip like no other.


If you are travelling with children, KidZania London is not to be missed. Combining fun activities with a strong educational value. KidZania allows children to experience life as a grown up, in a self-sufficient fictional town. With more than 60 activities available, they can learn what it’s like to work in a bank, advertising agency, or animation studio, to name but three. They can handle cash, get a taste of a chocolate factory, strut their stuff on the dance floor, or climb to the top of KidZanias tallest building. Whatever aspirations your little ones might have, they can test the water at KidZania and discover what the future might bring.

Please note an adult must be present for the admission for all children into KidZania London.

Chauffeur Driven Tours can be arranged to as bespoke as you like, tell us your requirements and we will create an exclusive tour for you.